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  • 국가/지구: 대만
  • 도시: Taichung
  • 컨택 담당자: Mr. Victor Cheng
  • Tel: 886-9-18032352-Ext
  • 팩시밀리: 886-4-25672513-Ext
책갈피 & 몫:
기업 프로파일
Bonstar International is a dynamic corporation mainly devoted to the production, sales, development and procurement of agricultural machineries regarding agricultural pest control and horticultural greening.

Our company is correlated to Taiwan Kioritz Industrial Co., Ltd., a 30 years old professional small- scaled agricultural manufacturer, and Kong Fung International Ltd., with over 10 years of experience for developing and procuring agricultural mechanical parts. The power sprayer and shoulder-carrying mower offered by our company can be equipped with engines from both Kioritz (ECHO) and Honda respectively. Our products are currently exported to over ten various countries. Additionally, any OEM, ODM related inquiries are also welcomed.

We hope to promote our MIT (made-in Taiwan) products to the world and are committed to continue improving our products in the future. With professional management and exceptional quality control, we are confident in satisfying our customer needs.

The process of export development is as follows
The first stage:
Japan Kioritz Co., Ltd. dispatched three technicians to Taiwan to guide the production of knapsack sprayers and lawn mowers. After this phase is completed, Started sales in Taiwan, because of its high quality, performance and the same quality and performance in Japan, it has been well received by domestic customers.
The second stage:
Japan Kioritz Co., Ltd. dispatched mold experts to Taiwan to guide and resold the mold to the Japanese parent factory. Create added value, and improve the technical level of the local mold factory.
The third stage:
Japan Kioritz Co., Ltd. dispatched parts procurement technical personnel to Taiwan to stay in the company to guide the procurement of parts, and the parts will be sold back to Japan to create added value.
The fourth stage:
Based on the long-term cooperation with the technology mother factory, and based on the horizontal division of labor, the products have been exported to many countries.
Machinery mainly sells products such as Sprayers, Lawn mowers, Water pumps, Fertilizer spreaders, Chain saws, Leaf blowers, and other agricultural and forestry machinery.
Spare part mainly sells such as machinery, industry, agriculture, and hardware parts.
사업 유형 수출,수입품,제조,OEM/ODM
주요 제품 Farm Machinery/n.e.s.
제품 키워드 Agricultural Machinery ,Trimmer,Power Sprayer,Brushcutter,Water Pump
안으로 설치하는 2008
규격화 증명서 ISO-9001
수출 백분율 75%
중요한 고객 Agriculture machinery
주요한 US$ 100,000 ~ 500,000
OEM Sprayer, Trimmer, water pump
유형을 일으키기 Agriculture machinery
총 연간 판매 US$ 1,000,000 ~ 5,000,000
연구 및 개발 직원의 No. Under 10
총계 직원의 No. 21 to 50
엔지니어의 No. Under 10
은행 세부사항 E. Sun Commercial Bank., Taipei, Taiwan
유명 상표 KYOLI
경쟁 이점 좋고 높은 품질 관리,신속한 납품,OEM는 받아들였다,고객의 디자인과 로고는 환영받다,수락가능한 소액 주문
매달 생성 총계 3, 000 UNITS
QC 책임 ISO-9001
평방 미터에 있는 공장 크기 250
생산 라인의 No. 2 LINES