Rudong Changyu Seaweed Co., Ltd.

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  • 국가/지구: 중국 (본토)
  • 지방: Jiangsu
  • 도시: Nantong
  • 컨택 담당자: Mr. Bin,Chen
  • Tel: 86-0513-84180668
  • 팩시밀리: 86-0513-84160668
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RUDONG CHANGYU SEAWEED CO, LTD(established in 2002), NANTONG GUANGHUA AGUATIC PRODUCTS CO, LTD(established in 1991) are located in Rudong, Jiangsu. The company is a collection of seeding, breeding, primary processing, secondary processing in one spot seaweed professional production and operation of export enterprises. The company is located in the coast of the Yellow Sea, the Yangze River Estuary. Mild climate, water quality, salinity are appropriate to provide a good environment for breeding high-quality streak seaweed. Company’s existing nursery room more than 10000 square meters, marine aquaculture area of 10000 acres, has 8 lines of the w... [ Click for detail ]

Rudong Changyu Seaweed Co., Ltd.
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회사명 Rudong Changyu Seaweed Co., Ltd.
기원국 중국 (본토)
국가/지방 Jiangsu
도시 Nantong
주소 Private Industrial Park,Rudong Economic Zone,Tongbao road No.3,Nantong,Jiangsu,China
Tel 86-0513-84180668
팩시밀리 86-0513-84160668
컨택 담당자 Mr. Bin,Chen