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Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC)

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  • 국가/지구: 중국 (본토)
  • 지방: Shandong
  • 도시: Qingdao
  • 컨택 담당자: Mrs. Judy Wang
  • Tel: 86-532-85827353
  • 팩시밀리: 86-532-85827353
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Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC)

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제품의 특성:

  • Qingdao , Shandong , 중국 (본토)
  • LC2
  • 07/04/2018

추가 정보:

  • Qingdao
  • Al bottle
  • ** (cm)

제품 명세서 / 특징

Polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC)
QYPD -001C
Clearing Point(℃) 110
Viscosity (mm2s-1, 20℃) 45.5
Dn (589nm, 20℃) 0.292
N0(589nm, 20℃) 1.521
ne (589nm, 20℃) 1.813
V10, 0, 25(V) 1.61
V90, 0, 25(V) 2.18
Qingdao QY Liquid Crystal Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of
liquid crystal materials and LC mixtures in China, especially for PDLC.
Our liquid crystals are mainly used to make PDLC film and switchable film, it has high
popularity in the world. We signed the Exclusive Agency Agreement with our South Korean
customer from 2011, so the Korean company can contact our agency for the purchase.

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