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Necklace TM26A257

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  • 국가/지구: 대만
  • 도시: 타이페이
  • 컨택 담당자: Mr. David P. L. Chang
  • Tel: 886-2-25435274
  • 팩시밀리: 886-2-25365976
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Necklace TM26A257

제품 카테고리 Necklaces/n.e.s.,원석보석,유행 Jewelry/n.e.s.
판매 방법 수출,제조
지불 기간 T/T
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  • 중국 (본토)
  • TM26A257
  • 07/14/2016

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제품 명세서 / 특징

Shine Land Inc. provides comprehensive Taiwan and China sourcing solutions for costume jewelry, fashion 
accessories, hair ornaments and novelty gifts.

Established in 1980, Shine Land Inc. streamlines product procurement and delivery for global retail chain operators,
brands, wholesalers, mail order houses and department stores.

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