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Pencil Lip Mould, Lipstick Molds

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  • 국가/지구: 대만
  • 도시: Tainan
  • 컨택 담당자: Mr. Solar Lin
  • Tel: 886-6-2039918
  • 팩시밀리: 886-6-2505658
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Pencil Lip Mould, Lipstick Molds

제품 카테고리 Moulds/n.e.s.,화장품 Packaging/n.e.s.
판매 방법 수출,제조
지불 기간 T/T
최소한도 순서 단가
2 조각 USD / 조각
2 조각 USD / 조각
2 조각 USD / 조각
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  • 대만
  • 03/28/2018

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  • ** (cm)

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Pencil Lip Mold
We had been developed some various the newest design as Silicone design lipstick with air blowing system and vacuum system, Silicone design lip balm(1~5 colors)continually since 20 years ago.

Our products are admitted to see all over the world and admirable by international famous brand cosmerics.

Also we are capable of designing our own product lines and of meeting customers'specific need such as custom-made services.
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Cosmetic Molds, Lipstick Molds, Lipstick, Mold For Lipstick
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