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Sticky Scouring Pad Holder

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  • 국가/지구: 대만
  • 도시: 타이페이
  • 컨택 담당자: Sandie Ma
  • Tel: 886-4-8747689
  • 팩시밀리: 886-4-8743811
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Sticky Scouring Pad Holder

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3000 조각 USD 0.5 / 조각
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  • 대만
  • G6100A
  • Sunchief
  • EN71
  • 07/12/2018

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  • ** (cm)

제품 명세서 / 특징

The Sticky scouring pad  Storage supplies includes one scouring pad and one special velcro strap. 
Stick the velcro strap(there is special glue on the back already)inside the wall of the sink and put the scouring pad on it. You can take the scouring pad away easily whenever you need.After use, just put it on the velcro strap,and it will storage on the velcro strap well. 
The velcro strap can be moved , Pull it off and stick to any dry ,clean, smooth place as you like. (glass,steel,tiles, mirror...) It will stick well again. 
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