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BSK Lighting

제품 카테고리 LED 가벼운 Fixtures/n.e.s.
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  • 07/10/2009

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Specification: LED W 10W(10W*1) / 20W(10W*2) Power consumption <12W / 24W Luminous Flux 700LM / 1400LM 2M Illumination 200lux / 400 lux @Center Operation Voltage AC 90~240V 50/60Hz Operation temperature -30℃ ~ +50℃ Color temperature 3000K/6000K Dimension 175(W) x 220(H) x 140(D) mm Weight <1100g / 1400g Material of case Aluminium +ABS, Operation life 20000Hr
Infrared ray reaction is in detecting the district of examining, there is the human body that moves, whether will can start illumination IP44 waterproof rain-proof at once, angle and sensitivity can have two reaction set up to change to adjust to need to look at. Environmental luminance, the time reaction range of bright light: 12 metres /120 degrees lighting time: 5 seconds ~12 minutes. 10W replaces original 150W halogen light tube, 20W replaces original 300W halogen light to manage. Suitable place: The open air is lighted, stair mouth, the factory, balcony.. ,etc.
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BSK Lighting
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