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Remote Control System Of Scooptram

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  • 지방: Sichuan
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Remote Control System Of Scooptram

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  • Chengdu , Sichuan , 중국 (본토)
  • 07/10/2018

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Intelligent Remote Control System of Scooptram


Intelligent Remote Control System can  also be called Long - Range Wireless Remote Control System, which allows operators to operate, monitor, and control the working process when mining. its intelligence reduces the need for people and risks, increased security and efficiency.


Intelligent Remote Control System consists of 6 parts, the brief introduction of each part as followed:


1.Ground operating platform

Ground operating platform refers to Ground operating platform of monitoring center or operating platform in underground operation room. Though this system can the operators operate entire system, watch videos and check devices status, including Operating platform, Remote control seat, Large-size curved LCD, Embedded data analysis processor, Processing software of video display, etc.


2.Vehicle control unit

Vehicle control unit is mounted on the controlled vehicles and is the executive part of the scooptram for remote control and automation, which consists of Receiving controller, Monitoring module, etc.


3.Vehicle guidance system

Vehicle guidance system can make scooptram walk in the underground roadway, which consists of Laser scanner, Accelerometer, Angle sensor, Rotary encoder, Steering processor, etc.


4.Vehicle video system

Vehicle video system can collect real-time acquisition of video images in the front, rear, left, and right directions of the vehicles, allowing operators to control the vehicle at a long distance. Vehicle video system consists of HD infrared camera, HD infrared camera, Wireless bridge, etc.


5.Isolated grating system
Isolated grating system separates the working area of the scooptram to avoid the intrusion of unrelated vehicles and personnel, which consists of Light curtain sensor, Reflector, Grating transmitter, Vehicle controller, etc. 


6.Communication transmission system

Communication transmission system is used to ensure that the control signal video data of the transmission system and the receiving system is transmitted between the monitoring center and the work surface vehicle in real time and accurately, including a dedicated wireless APP distributed on the running track of the vehicle, a mining dry mega switch, and an industrial Router and other equipments.  

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