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Paper Tube Making Machine Cutting Machine Slitting Machine

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  • 국가/지구: 대만
  • 도시: 타이페이
  • 컨택 담당자: Mrs. Florence Zheng
  • Tel: 886-2-29085266
  • 팩시밀리: 886-2-29086355
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Paper Tube Making Machine Cutting Machine Slitting Machine

제품 카테고리 서류상중핵기계
판매 방법 수출,제조,서비스
지불 기간 T/T,보자마자 L/C
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  • 새로운 타이페이 , 대만
  • AN-72100SH AN-72120S/TN AN-72126
  • A-NEW
  • Steel/Paper Stand, Motor,
  • One Year Guaranty
  • 12/13/2018

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제품 명세서 / 특징

A-NEW Industrial Co. Ltd. , established in 2002, has been contributing in the paper converting machinery field, with strong R&D, Designing, and keep improving features.
1.     Facial Tissue Machine / Hand Towel Machine
2.    Paper Napkin Machine: Mechanical type & Vacuum type
3.    Toilet Roll Machine / Kitchen Roll Machine
4.    Packing Machine:
a.    Plastic Film Wrapper Packing Machine: for Interfolded Facial tissue or Paper Napkin
b.    Paper Box Packing Machine: for interfolded facial tissue
c.     Bundle machine: Available both PE film & Kraft paper
d.    Ready-made Bag multi packs machine   
5.    Paper Tube Making Machine / Core Cutter
6.    Whole plant for toilet roll/facial tissue/paper napkin machine.
Core competence of our machinery:
a.    Stable production
b.    Durable
c.     Safety
d.    Easy operating
e.    Designed to the customers’ demands, conform ergonomics & automatic
f.      After sales supply is always available & timely served.
g.    Punctual delivery
For the purpose the machine commissioning smoothly, we would dispatch technicians to the user's factory, assisting on the machine installation and training.  One year of guaranty assure buyer’s machine running smoothly.
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Paper Tube Machine, Paper Tube Cutting Machine, Paper Tube Slitting Machine, Kraft Paper, Toilet Roll Machine
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