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CWG-1001 Animal Water Gun

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  • 국가/지구: 대만
  • 도시: Tainan
  • 컨택 담당자: Grace Tsai
  • Tel: 886-6-2338551
  • 팩시밀리: 886-6-2013594
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CWG-1001 Animal Water Gun

제품 카테고리 장난감총,선전용장난감
판매 방법 수출,제조
지불 기간 T/T,보자마자 L/C
최소한도 순서 단가
500 조각 USD / 조각
500 조각 USD / 조각
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제품의 특성:

  • 대만
  • CWG-1001 / CWG-1006 / CWG-1009
  • 08/24/2017

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  • ** (cm)

제품 명세서 / 특징

Ebon Animal Water Gun
CWG-1001 / Alligator
CWG-1006 / Squirrel
CWG-1009 / Dinosaur 3
CWG-1011 / Frog
CWG-1035 / Tortoise

1. Put the water flooding under the tap fill with water, or squeezing in the bucket fill with water, there's steel ball design inside, never let the water drip down.
2. Simple & universal screw-in installation on handle bar, using safely and durably.
3. Including one stopper, could carry with you anywhere, the best choice for bathing, outing, or camping.
4. Unique water fill-in patented design.
5. Material: PVC / Nylon
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Water Guns, Toy
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