Song Te Metal Co., Ltd.

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  • 국가/지구: 대만
  • 컨택 담당자: Mr. Hsin-Yao Chiou
  • Tel: 886-6-2028080(Ext.15)
  • 팩시밀리: 886-6-2028766
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  • Song Te Metal Co., Ltd.
  • Song Te Metal Co., Ltd.
  • Song Te Metal Co., Ltd.
기업 정보 Song Te Metal Co., Ltd., found in 1991, is a professional
and experienced manufacturer in Taiwan. The full-fledged
array of the production proffered by us includes non-stick
pans/woks, trash bins, bathroom accessories, kitchenwares
and promotional giftwares. Our products have been expanded
worldwide through direct or indirect sales channels.
To stay at the leading position, we've been making efforts
on quality maintenance, cost effectiveness & shorter
lead-time for decades. In addition, we've also dedicated to
developing more items of unique and various designs to
refresh your images on multi-material products. Hoping our
products will make your house a better and cozier place to stay.
사업 유형 수출,제조,OEM/ODM
주요 제품 Kitchen Accessories/n.e.s., Bathroom Hardware/n.e.s., Household Sundries/n.e.s.
제품 키워드 Non-Stick Pans/Woks, Trash Bins, Bathroom Accessories,Kitchenwares & Promotional Giftwares
안으로 설치하는 1991
수출 백분율 80%
수출 시장 아프리카,유럽,아시아,중동,북아메리카,오세아니아,중앙과 남아메리카    
연구 및 개발 직원의 No. Under 10
총계 직원의 No. 21 to 50
경쟁 이점 좋고 높은 품질 관리,신속한 납품,OEM는 받아들였다,신제품,고객의 디자인과 로고는 환영받다,경쟁가격,선물과 프리미엄을%s 적합,다양한에서 디자인,받아들여지는 ODM